Stelios Petrakis

As a result of a lot of creative work, I am proudly presenting the ongoing Projects.

Stelios Petrakis Cretan Quartet

My love and admiration of Cretan music have led me to form a new ensemble, the Cretan Quartet. My aim is to condense and present in a lively and tasteful way, both on the island and off it, my own “Cretan” compositions and the pieces of our traditional music that I admire and find moving. This program is strongly stamped by and filtered through my personal taste, drawing on my long familiarity with the music of the island and my experience of strictly aesthetically delimited and timed “shows” at international festivals. It is in concert form, and at specific points includes dancing with or without musical accompaniment. read more..

Trio Stelios Petrakis, Efren Lopez, Bijan Chemirani

One of the most well worked projects I ‘ve ever participated.

The Trio

This trio is a musical meeting between three young musicians who compose and perform their music, which is being influenced from various local musical genres of the Mediterranean area, where they all come from. The trio has recently released it’s first cd called “Mavra froudia” (black eyebrows) in Greece and Spain. read more..

For events in Crete

sound and light

Organisers may contact my sound engineer Dimitris Chatzakis for getting a detailed technical rider:
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Contact information

Interested organisers (all over the world except Greece) should contact my manager Amelie Salembier
Us organisers may contact Mr. Matt Greenhill @FLi Artists ( 

For concerts in Greece, organisers may contact me directly, at read more..